Secret Weapons Every Bride Needs

It is one of the paramount days in a woman's life. This lifelong dream existing in the minds and hearts of most little girls must culminate in unsurpassed bliss and perfection, but the reality of getting married can at times be anything but fantasy.

The stress and anxiety in a woman's life, that comes with getting married can be overwhelming. Just booking the services and performing all the duties of social convention can leave one feeling overwhelmed and even depressed.

There is one sensational little secret every bride-to-be should put on her to-do list for maintaining her sanity. Insetting this one resource at the top of your to-do list will render exceptional return in relieving stress, burning off calories, and bringing about peace of mind! Kickboxing. An excellent means of pulling the plug on some of the stress a lady faces while composing her matrimonial magic, is by working out and Kickboxing is the paramount workout. As soon as one mentions Kickboxing, concerns of expending even more preciously conserved energy may arise, or maybe even an image of getting beat up. What about the possibility of bruises on picture day? Kickboxing is todays top approach to achieving that supreme shape while helping the mind convert stress into focus.

Kickboxing can be broken down into two categories. The first category is a derivative of the former fad Tae Bo which is taught as an aerobic type workout which precludes contact of any kind. Often called Aerobic-Kickboxing or Kickboxercise, this is a fun way to get into shape. This form of Kickboxing targets heart rate and challenges the body and mind to integrate a physical orchestration of satisfying development. By striking only into the air, this non-contact form of kickboxing develops a well toned muscle mass. Participation of Aerobic-Kickboxing classes in a non-contact atmosphere can be as fun as it is challenging. The biggest problem with always striking the air is that without proper instruction, injuries can prevail from hyper-extension.

The second category of kickboxing might be seen to somewhat overshadow the benefits of Aerobic-Kickboxing. Participation in contact Kickboxing goes beyond getting in shape. This type of Kickboxing involves striking. Working out using your complete body, hitting heavy bags, shields and focus mitts presents a welcome opportunity for the bride-to-be. As Cardio-Kickboxing really emphasizes the use of the core in the strikes when one is hitting resistance and it provides a great workout to the legs and buns. A good instructor will walk you through correct techniques slowly to build speed, power and balance with successive strikes and sessions. Contact is only directed at targets held by the trainer which translates to a very low risk factor of bruising or injuries occurring. Alternatively, the bride can work strictly on offensive technique; building her stamina, toning her muscles and taxing her cardio-vascular to a level that will be comfortable. Experienced trainers can eliminate the risk of injury as long as he/she understands the intensity the bride wants the existing skill level of the bride. Hitting pads in Cardio-Kickboxing classes prevents hyper extension on the joints and the injuries associated with wear and tear on major joints. Learning to hit a target requires good body mechanics and the whole body working in unison.

Many women prefer private classes with a trainer in Cardio-Kickboxing so they can progress quicker from the one on one instruction and service. In a class atmosphere, one can work out with many others and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with belonging in the group. Cardio-Kickboxing in a class creates for many a deeply bonded friendship from the sharing and interacting that comes on this level thus making new friends. Kickboxing burns calories netting phenomenally quick results. But along with this comes the fun and the challenge of being allowed to take one's stress and anxiety out on pads and targets. Common statements include how much fun it can be. And fun is very important when trying to meet the demands, goals, and personal goals for that special day. So sign up for a Cardio-Kickboxing class, wrap your hands, and have fun preparing for your vows.

Mike Miles has been involved in the martial Arts since 1967, is 4 Time professional World Champion, multi-time Hall of Fame inductee, fully certified instructor by the government of Thailand, Team Canada representative, author, loving husband and father, and just an all around good guy.

Shaun Rowsell