Challenger Muaythai Series 21 - "DOMINATION"
March 24, 2018
Calgary, Canada
Deerfoot Inn and Casino

The event was sold out days before it was to take place. The audience was treated to some fantastic bouts. "I tried to get some other local gyms on this event", said Mike Miles. "But it did not happen."

This was the 21st installment of Challenger MuayThai Series. The event was sanctioned by WAKO Canada. Muzammal Nawaz was in attendance as the representative of the organization. A huge thank you to Mr. Nawaz and his direction and assistance.

"The event ran very professionally and though I get a lot of the credit”, said Mike Miles “It is the great people I have around me who make things run well. They are all super appreciated and I am indebted to them for their assistance and support." A huge thank you goes out to Eric Hussey, Alma Ladouceur, Jim Shields, Mike Weatherby, Jesse Miles, Andrew Bolek, Shane Melnyk, Misty Forsyth-Cofield, Blake Weigel, Eric and Isabelle Vigneault, Vince Tucker and Joan Miles. Thank you to them all for their assistance.

A huge thank you to Robin Featherstone, Curtis Prokopchuk, and Belinda Dippennaur and the Deerfoot Casino and Inn. Thank you to the sponsors Economy E-Cigs, Foggy Gorilla Vaping Company, DSL Innovative Food Service Equipment, Marmot Construction, Sandler Training - Hamish Knox, CANACCORD Genuity - Taylor Davison, Frontier Solutions, Fresh Start Recovery, Pure North, The Calgary SUN, Fresh Cut Video, Sprung Western Tent and Awning, Mike Miles MuayThai and Kickboxing Ltd.

Finally a huge thank you to the gyms, coaches and athletes for making this such a memorable event. Nolwenn Bohic from England (Two Brothers MuayThai), Team Bastain and Kru Sandra Bastian from Campbell River, S.A.C.A and Kru Jamie Droeske from Medicine Hat, Scheer's Martial Arts and Kru Troy Scheer from Saskatoon, Kuro Ookami and Master Wolfgang Manicke from Prince Albert, Kru Brad Wall from Progressive Martial Arts in Lethbridge, and Kru Craig Moser from Siam MuayThai in Regina. Fantastic people to deal with and professional all the way.

The Fights

The Main Event featured Calgary's Maggie 'Bad Mutha' Tucker (Miles) against the UK's Many 'Moo Thai" McWilliams (Two Brothers Muay Thai). This fight started out briskly and carried a very fast pace throughout it's scheduled time allotment. Tucker pushed a very fast pace, moving from all ranges of combat quickly and effectively. Tucker just managed to lead, intercept and counter more effectively during this bout. McWilliams stayed in the bout till the very end and gave a great performance. Tucker moves on to the IFMA World Championships next and then fighting in the S-CUP in Japan. She will fight in Calgary again in September and then back to Japan again after that. 
Winner - Maggie Tucker by Unanimous Decision.

The Semi-Main Event featured Calgary's Oscar Dakiti (Miles) against Campbell River's Jordan Howes (Bastian). This was a very exciting bout as both athletes pushed back and forth against each other. In the first two rounds Dakiti scored effectively with punches and kicks and even tossing his opponent to the ground. Many of Dakiti's punches visibly affected Howes whose head snapped back violently and even wobbled his knees. Howes was dropped but he never received a standing 8 count. On the other end in the clinch, Howes would throw lots of knees, though there appeared to be minimal effect of Dakiti. In the third round the fight exploded with the two exchanging knees, elbows and dominance. The fight was awarded by a split to Jordan Howes. "I was surprised at the decision as I felt that Oscar had taken the first two rounds", said Mike Miles. “However this is a lesson to Oscar not to leave the decision in the hands of the judges. Props to Jordan, as he came to fight and won.”
Winner - Jordan Howes by Split Decision.

Under Card

Two superheavyweights squared off against each other. Calgary's Garret Stroshein (Miles) got into the squared circle against Pietro De Andrade (Medicine Hat/Droeske, but from Brazil). The fight started off very well, with Stroshein doing most of the engaging. When shots landed, De Andrade would smile and shake his head to say it did not hurt. In the second round, Stroshein delivered a jump knee which missed and upon landing, twisted and damaged his knee. During a retreat Stroshein's knee gave out and he fell backwards to the canvas several times. It was obvious that Stroshein had knee damage and his corner stopped the fight to avoid any further damage. De Andrade was awarded the victory by TKO in the second round.
Winner - Pietro De Andrade by 2nd Round TKO

In a Women's match Sarah Zientek (Calgary/Zientek) stepped in the ring with Lethbridge's Reagan Smith (Wall). In the first round, Zientek was to land a perfectly timed spinning backfist which dropped Smith to the canvas for a count. For the remainder of the bout Zientek pressed forward applying pressure and using her spinning backfist several times as well. 
Winner - Sarah Zientek by Unanimous Decision

Cole Shanks (Lethbridge/Wall) stepped up against Kurt Spizawka (Saskatoon/Scheer) in a middleweight match. The bout was very competitive with both athletes setting a fast pace for the win. 
Winner - Cole Shanks by Unanimous Decision

Mac Laursen (Calgary/Miles) faced off against Shawn Silver (Prince Albert/Manicke) in a Cruiserweight bout. Silver had just got back in the ring recovering from an injury after a few years. Laursen stepped into the MuayThai ring for the first time (though he has boxing and MMA fights under his belt). This was a fast paced bout with Laursen controlling the pace and the majority of the positioning in the match. Both athletes had great technique during this match. Laursen was able to use his pressure for the referee to call the fight in the second round. Silver, though losing the match, still looked very good as well.
Winner - Mac Laursen by 2nd Round TKO

Two first timers, Jacob Moran (Calgary/Miles) and Darcy Daychief (Lethbridge/Wall) squared off in a heavyweight match. The bout started late due to a body jewellery issue. The bout got going and the two first timers took it to each other from the get go. Moran started landing a little more effectively and the referee was to call the fight towards the end of round two.
Winner - Jacob Moran by 2nd round TKO

Garrett South (Calgary/Miles) stepped into the ring against Cam Kaminsky (Saskatoon/Scheer) in a lightheavyweight bout. Kaminsky was physically stronger than South and it showed for the first two rounds with Kaminsky batting South around the ring. In round three Kaminsky started looking fatigued and during an exchange he stepped back and dropped his hands. South delivered a roundhouse kick to the head which caught and wobbled his foe and then pounced in with a hard punch and dropped Kaminsky for the count. "I hate seeing athletes get hurt", said Mike Miles. "It comes with the territory, though I still do not like it. Cam is doing good and I am relieved".
Winner - Garrett South by 3rd round KO.

Two superwelterweights squared off against each other featuring Justin Dang (Calgary/Dawodu) and Sheadan Lonechild (Regina/Moser). This was a great bout. Lonechild pressed and kept catching Dang's kicks. Lonechild managed to score more cleanly during this exciting bout.
Winner - Sheadan Lonechild by Split Decision

The opening bout featured two female athletes. Taisha Donnelly (Lethbrdige/Wall) squared off against Kaitlynn Jorgenson (Campbell River/Bastian). In a close and well matched bout, Donnelly was to take the win.
Winner - Taisha Donnelly by Split Decision

Mike Miles Productions and Challenger MuayThai will be putting up past and present highlights of fight events on the Facebook Group Mike Miles Muay Thai Fight Highlights.

Challenger MuayThai continues it's next installment on September 22 at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. Please keep checking back for updates on: