'CONFLICT IN THE CASINO' - (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) April 27th, 2007

Presented by Mike Miles.

The professional bout was sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council and the Calgary Combative Sports Commission. The Amateur bouts were sanctioned by the Canadian Muay Thai Council - Amateur (CMTC-A) and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA).

The event was completely sold out 2 weeks in advance and featured a complete international card. The venue was the Deerfoot Inn and Casino which provided a very professional back drop to the running of the bouts during the evening event.

The event was co-promoted by the Calgary Amateur Kickboxing and Muaythai Association (CAKMA) and Mike Miles Promotions. The main sponsors of the event were the Deerfoot Inn and Casino, the Calgary SUN, C-JAY 92, and Mike Miles Muay Thai and Kickboxing Ltd..

Many thanks to all the coaches, Ajarn Panya Kraitus, Ajarn Jorge Vasquez, Kru Phil Nurse, Kru Viktor Kohl, and Harold Buckley. Many thanks to the sponsors and people who came to support the event and the athletes. Thank you to the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. Thank you to Dr. Wesley Orr. Thank you to the Calgary Combative Sports Commission. Combative Sports and in this case especially Muay Thai, have a chance to flourish in Calgary again!

MAIN EVENT - Professional Full Muay Thai - 5 Rounds of 3 Minutes
TREVOR 'T.N.T.' SMANDYCH (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. THAI QUOC LE NGUYEN (Thailand via Australia)
After having had some time off from the ring, Smandych came back to the ring looking very refreshed and full of hunger. Nguyen started the bout off early with some nice kick, punch, and elbow combinations. However, Smandych controlled the gap which made the visiting athlete miss with many of his strikes. A very smart and patient battle plan saw Smandych win by 2nd round TKO.

SEMI-MAIN EVENT / Amateur International Full Muay Thai - 5 Rounds of 2 Minutes
SCOTT 'PITBULL' CLARK (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. TARIK 'THE CAT' KUCUZU (Germany)
Kuzucu opened the bout with one intention in mind and that was to knock the Canadian out. He rushed at Clark with big punches and kicks. Suddenly, Clark delivered a beautiful elbow which opened a cut on the German athlete during a very early exchange. Undeterred, Kuzucu pressed forward with a broken rhythm for the opening two rounds while Clark patiently worked his teeps. As the bout progressed Clark started using the clinch and knees to start tossing the German athlete to the ground. In the third round, while Clark was delivering a low kick, Kuzucu caught Clark with a beautiful high right kick that opened a small cut on the Canadian. However, Clark lived up to his nickname 'Pitbull' and he was tenacious with his clinch and knees wearing the German athlete down. The pace was so exceptional that towards the end of the third round, Kuzucu could not continue. Clark won by third round TKO. Regardless of the outcome, Kuzucu was impressive and came to fight!

Amateur International Full Muay Thai - 5 Rounds of 2 Minutes
What an exciting scrap. Goldberg was tough. This was a great fight in which both athletes won the best in town and best out of town athlete awards respectively! In the first round, Miles dropped Goldberg with a knee to the face. Goldberg proved he was chiseled from granite and he took some great shots that many lesser's would have not got up from. This was a battle between these two athletes with both ego's pumped. Exciting war with Miles getting caught at times backing up, while Goldberg would take some vicious shots when the Canadian moved forward. Goldberg was also very impressive and came to fight as well. Good aggressive skills from both athletes. An unanimous decision went to Miles in this bout.

Amateur International Full Muay Thai - 5 Rounds of 2 Minutes
'NASTY' NATE SMANDYCH (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. RICARDO SHEY LOPEZ (Mexico)
Smandych looked very composed in this fight. The Canadian was very patient while Lopez came out quite hard and fast. During a few points in time, Smandych almost fell back into wanting to war it out, but common sense had him settle down. During an exchange in the middle of the first round, Smandych landed a shot which really hurt the Mexican and dropped him to the canvas. After the standing eight count, Smandych came forward and landed a beautiful right roundhouse kick to the neck of Lopez which put him down and out for the count. Smandych won the bout by first round kick KO. Thankfully Lopez was alright after the doctor examined him.

Amateur International Women's Full Muay Thai - 4 Rounds of 2 Minutes
The taller Von Baumgarten used her reach to pick at and try and keep Bastian at bay. In typical manner, Bastian patiently worked from the outside and pressed to the clinch. This was where Bastian had the upper hand. During a very aggressive clinch exchange, Bastian pulled the German girl's head down and landed a strong knee to the face which was to give her the win. Von Baumgarten did not seem to get a chance to get into the fight while Bastian did what she did best. Bastian won by first round TKO. "I think that Von Baumgarten did not get a chance to show her stuff. Maybe a rematch in Bangkok will happen at the 2007 IFMA World Championships. I know Von Baumgarten has very good skills." - Mike Miles

Amateur International Women's Full Muay Thai - 4 Rounds of 2 Minutes
MISTY SUTHERLAND (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. LISA BUCKLEY (England)
Buckley came out strong and waded through many of Sutherland's blows as the bout started. Sutherland was backpedaling but countering with some very strong punches. Midway through an aggressive attack by Buckley, Sutherland settled down and delivered a very strong frontal knee to the ribs of the visiting athlete. Buckley went down and could not get up in time to beat the count. Sutherland was to win the bout by 1st round TKO. "Buckley was tough and waded through Sutherland's initial blows. I thought this bout would be a war for the full scheduled duration." - Mike Miles

Amateur Men's Full Muay Thai - 3 Rounds of 2 Minutes
PETER ARBEAU (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. BRETT HLAVACEK (New York)
Good fight. Both athletes exchanged equally, but Hlavacek looked stronger with his shots and specifically his left hook and kicks. Hlavacek dropped Arbeau to the canvas several times after catching the Canadian's kicks. Good skills from both athletes and a very good fight. Hlavacek was to pull off the win by unanimous decision. "Thanks for the kind words Brett, you are a touch of class in this sport." - Mike Miles

Amateur Women's Modified Muay Thai - 3 Rounds of 2 Minutes
ALANA DUNBRACK (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. AMELIA CORDOVA (Mississauga)
Due to missing medical requirements this bout was scrapped and will be on a future event.

At the last moment when the Dunbrack vs. Cordova bout was cancelled, this replacement match was set up and scheduled to open the fight event. Unfortunately, though both athletes had the medical requirements for the bout, the event doctor did not allow the match to take place due to a medical concern over Murray. This would have been a very good match!
Amateur Men's Modified Muay Thai - 3 Rounds of 2 Minutes
LINDON CHAMBERS (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. JORDAN MURRAY (Winnipeg)