'H2H HEAT 'APOCALYPSE' - (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) April 8th, 2006

The Calgary Amateur Kickboxing & Muay Thai Association with Mike Miles played host to another of its sold out events. The international Muay Thai event, H2H 'APOCALYPSE', contained some incredible fights. The event was filmed for television and will be played during 2006.

Canadian athletes squared off in the ring against athletes from Japan, Thailand, Germany, the USA, with only one bout featuring 2 Canadian athletes scrapping against each other. Many thanks go out to the very professional coaches who made this event run off without a hitch. Thank you goes to Mr. Hiroki Yamaguchi (Japan), Ajarn Manop Maswichean (Thailand), Mr. Andy Thomson (Thailand), Mr. Kwame Stephens (USA), Mr. Muhsin Corbbrey (USA), though not in attendance Mr. Stephen Strotmeyer (USA), Mr. Cory Wachal (Canada), and Mr. Mike Miles (Canada).

The event was originally scheduled for 10 bouts, but by fight time was down to 9. It was a disappointment for the audience but more so, even more heartbreaking to Scott 'Pitbull' Clark who all of a sudden found himself 2 days before the bout without an opponent. His opponent Jan Zaremba (Czech Republic) was denied his entry visa to Canada on April 5th by the Canadian Embassy. Zaremba is know for having the tattoo of a Pitbull on one of his kicking shins. Would it have been able to tame Canada's Pitbull? Hopefully all will be able to find out sometime soon in the future. In a new role during the evenings proceedings, Clark found himself in the corner assisting the coaching of the athletes from Calgary. "Working the corner is more nerve racking than actually fighting", said Clark.

The event was sanctioned internationally by the WMC / World MuayThai Council (for the professional bout), nationally by the CMTC-A / Canadian Muay Thai Council - Amateur (for the amateur bouts) and in the municipality by the CBWC.

FULL MUAY THAI / The Main Event featured Calgary's Trevor 'T.N.T.' Smandych (Mike Miles - Calgary) fighting against Japan's Naoto Seki. This bout was originally scheduled for March 11th in Lethbridge, Alberta. Unfortunately, Trevor injured his body and could not take the bout on the scheduled date and as such, had to postpone. Many thanks go out to Mr. Yuki Horiuchi (USA) for his assistance in making this bout happen and smoothing out the wrinkles due to the fight date change.

Trevor, though still not fully recovered by the 'APOCALYPSE' fight date, the popular Canadian athlete stepped up to the plate and performed for his home town fans. This bout was another epic war with 2 athletes exchanging blows throughout the duration of the bout. In the opening round a beautiful left hook from Trevor caught Naoto on the right eye and immediately started to close the eye. Naoto kept up a good work rate but did not have the power in his strikes like the Canadian did. The two athletes exchanged back and forth throughout the whole fight. Trevor was to land the harder blows and Naoto took some shots that many others would have dropped from. Solid low kicks, heavy body shots and hard punches to the head shook Naoto a few times during the bout but the Japanese athlete did not slow down. He kept moving in and out with probing techniques but the Canadian blocked the majority of the blows.

The bout was to push both athletes in terms of endurance and stamina. Both delivered good technique and both were in shape. The bout went the distance with Trevor 'T.N.T.' Smandych winning the nod.

FULL MUAY THAI / The Semi Main event could have easily been the main event on any card in Canada. At stake was the WKA Intercontinental Lightheavyweight Muay Thai Title. The very popular Jesse 'Smiles' Miles (Calgary - Mike Miles), stepped into the ring against Amir Taremizad (Germany) who now lives, trains, and fights out of the prestigious Lanna Muay Thai Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. After the introductions, both athletes performed their Ram Muay and the Canadian finished his first. The end of Amir's ceremonial dance featured him shooting three arrows at the Canadian. In a little play between the two athletes, Jesse slipped all 3 imaginary arrows and then pulled out an imaginary gun, pointed it at Amir, shot, blew off the smoke and then holstered his weapon. The audience screamed its approval at this little interplay between the Canadian and the German. Even before coming to ring center for final instructions, the 'stare down' between these two incredible athletes had begun.

Both athletes were in tip top shape, and both had very good skills. As the bout opened Amir delivered some excellent kicking attacks but he could not find the elusive Canadian. Though it was the first round and this is traditionally a slower round, Jesse was scoring with some excellent timed kicks to Amir's legs. The German athlete seemed quite surprised by Jesse who was difficult to hit and who had great timing and speed in his counters. As the bout progressed, the 2 athletes taunted each other with fakes. But it was Jesse who was scoring with the majority of strikes and the first round saw Jesse land some heavy strikes. After being caught several times Amir acknowledged the speed and accuracy of Jesse's kicks. Amir also delivered some incredibly fast kicks but very few were to find their mark. During the first clinch encounter between the two athletes, Jesse quickly spun Amir who worked very hard to avoid falling to the ground. While Amir was trying to maintain his balance Jesse sidestepped and delivered a beautiful knee which scored and gained immediate respect from Amir. Jesse's exceptional timing had Amir's strikes just missing by fractions of an inch. As the bout progressed round by round Jesse was to score with some excellent punches, kicks, knees (both on the ground and jumping), and catching Amir's legs and kicking the supporting leg out. By round five, Amir had to score a knockout to win. He attempted some very good boxing combinations and during two such rushes he found only air. At thirty seconds until the final bell was to sound finishing the fight, Amir delivered a very fast and heavy left roundhouse which caught Jesse. But Jesse just countered and as the bell rang, it was obvious who the victor was. Jesse Miles won the belt and the encounter by unanimous decision. Jesse now focuses his energy on his next bout at the end of April in the USA.

The undercard featured the following bouts:

FULL MUAY THAI / Sandra 'Heart' Bastian (Calgary - Mike Miles) stepped into the ring against 2 time IFMA World Champion Wirun 'Rung' Fongnom (Thailand - Sor Fongnom). The Thai girl sported a record of 55 wins with only 2 losses sitting at approximately 3 times the fight wealth of the Canadian. The bout opened with Sandra forcing Wirun backwards with kicks and punches. During the first clinch, Wirun found out how strong Sandra was, as the Thai girl could not get into a strong clinch position. Sandra was to force distance between them and then deliver some strong punches and kicks which were to connect. In round 3, a strong kick hit Wirun in the body and the effect was immediate. The Thai girl looked hurt and she tried to avoid going down hoping for an 8 count. Sandra knew immediately her girl was hurt and delivered a left roundhouse kick to the head followed by two punches to the head and finished with a right roundhouse to the head, all of which scored, and dropped Wirun for the count. Sandra Bastian was to win this international prestige bout by knock out. The audience had come to see some knockouts and the ending of this bout left them ecstatic. "Congratulations Sandra", said coach Mike Miles. "Now it is time to focus on the IFMA World Championships in May/June 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand. Canada would love to see you bring back a Gold Medal this year!"

FULL MUAY THAI / 'Nasty' Nate Smandych (Calgary - Mike Miles) faced a taller opponent in Mark 'Jaipetch' Deluca (USA - Strotmeyer). This was an action packed bout with Nate pressuring Mark throughout the whole fight. Both athletes delivered some excellent punches, kicks, elbows and knees. Nate Smandych was to score more effectively and force Mark backwards throughout the majority of the bout earning him this victory. Nate now focuses on his next bout towards the end of the month in the USA.

FULL MUAY THAI / Misty Sutherland (Calgary - Mike Miles) squared off against the highly respected Borpit 'Lek' Kinrun (Thailand - Lamai Gym). As was the case for fellow team mate Sandra Bastian, Sutherland was sitting at approximately 1/3 the fight experience of her opponent. Borpit was shorter but proved she was a fire ball. Spunky, and determined she tried to deliver some excellent techniques on the outside. Here is where Sutherland was to shine. She was to outscore her foe on the outside with punches, kicks and elbows. However in the clinch, Borpit shone. Though the Thai girl took some good elbows and knees getting into clinch position, she was very experienced in the clinch and threw Sutherland to the ground a multitude of times during the bout. When the decision was announced it was a majority decision for Misty Sutherland. Borpit looked quite stunned. "I felt Misty did a good job but she should have been more aggressive and a little more active in the clinch. I felt Borpit won the match. I hope these two get a chance at a rematch allowing Borpit another shot at Sutherland and victory", said coach Mike Miles.

FULL MUAY THAI / Lindsay Rae (Calgary - Mike Miles) was to battle against Stephen Bass (USA - Corbbrey). Lindsay has to be one of the most deceiving athletes out there. He is a man who is possessed by a quick laugh and joke and does not look like a threat to anyone. He entered the ring looking like he did not have a care in the world. In contrast, Stephen came into the ring, chiseled, wound up and possessing some very good skills. It appeared that Lindsay was in the wrong place at the wrong time as he carelessly strolled around the ring in preparation for the fight. As soon as the bell rang, Stephen rushed forward (with excellent skill) and started aggressively delivering punches, kicks and knees at the shorter Canadian. The American was manhandling the Canadian. Lindsay was being bounced off the ropes while the American just seemed to be in his element. Suddenly Lindsay delivered a back elbow that caught the American and hurt him. Though no count was given, Stephen was to recover, and then resume his aggressive course in the ring against Lindsay. Suddenly Stephen moved forward to deliver another of his excellent boxing combinations and Lindsay Spun and delivered a well timed spinning back elbow. It caught the American flush who crumpled to the canvas for the count and beyond. Stephen was to recover but having not made the count, Lindsay Rae was to win the bout by 1st round KO.

FULL MUAY THAI / Sylvie Charbonneau (Calgary - Trevor Smandych) was ready to war with Kim Duran (USA - Strotmeyer). As the bout opened both athletes met in the middle of the ring exchanging some hard punches and kicks. But Sylvie was to showcase her determination and started pressing Kim backwards. Kim delivered some counter shots but it did not affect Sylvie's determination to move forward. Half way through the first round, Sylvie delivered a heavy left roundhouse kick to the body of Kim who was to crumple to the canvas for the count and beyond. Sylvie won the bout by first round KO and now prepares for her next bout in the USA at the end of the month.

MODIFIED MUAY THAI / Adam Kolozetti (Calgary - Mike Miles) fought against Burnaby, B.C.'s Eric Peters (Cory Wachal). This was a very exciting match. In the first round Adam was scoring with some very effective punches and kicks and Eric fought back. In the second round, Eric pulled out a very fast and deceptive roundhouse kick to Adam's head and dropped the Calgarian. Adam took an 8 count and was saved by the bell. In the 3rd round Adam seemed to come back though Eric was never out of this fight. The judges scored the bout a majority draw.

MODIFIED MUAY THAI / Angela Merzib (Calgary - Mike Miles) opened the evenings event against Tandi Ogden (USA- Stephens). Tandi took this bout on a few days notice. She proved to be a fireball moving forward aggressively with Angela counter punching but not with the same leverage an athlete has moving forward with a strike. The bout see sawed back and forth with Tandi Ogden winning the unanimous decision.

The event was a tremendous success. The next scheduled event in Calgary will be in the early autumn due to the fact that the Calgary athletes are fighting internationally over the next 5 months. The next event will be a pressure cooker and undoubtedly be sold out like all their past events.

Finally, congratulations to the International Federation of MuayThai Amateur (IFMA), and their membership acceptance into the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF). Amateur Muay Thai now sits beside amateur boxing, amateur wrestling, amateur Tae Kwon-Do as a recognized international amateur sport. Hard work, dedication and focus have achieved the desired results. Congratulations to all on the IFMA executive board.