Jason Bryant


Name Jason Bryant

Nickname Sauce

Residence Calgary (CAN)

Date Of Birth 1982-??-??

Weight 154 lbs

Height 5 ft 9 in

Fight Styles Full Contact, Kickboxing, Modified MuayThai Active 1999 - 2007 Status Retired

Amateur Record 2-6-1



1999-10-23 - Prince Albert (CAN) - Full Contact Bradley Parent (Saskatchewan CAN) EXHIBITION

2000-01-23 - Calgary (CAN) - Kickboxing Yuki Tatsuno (Alberta CAN) EXHIBITION

2000-02-12 - Calgary (CAN) - Kickboxing Josh Nash (Alberta CAN) LOSS by 1st Round KO

2000-06-17 - Red Deer (CAN) - Kickboxing Graham Weenk (Saskatchewan CAN) LOSS

2000-09-23 - Calgary (CAN) - Kickboxing Trevor Desjarlais (Alberta CAN) LOSS by 3rd Round TKO

2000-10-21 - Prince Albert (CAN) - Full Contact Graham Weenk (Saskatchewan CAN) DRAW

2001-02-03 - Calgary (CAN) - Kickboxing Julio Flores (Alberta CAN) WIN by Walk Over

2001-03-17 - Lethbridge (CAN) - Kickboxing Ricardo Alas (Alberta CAN) LOSS

2007-01-27 - Lethbridge (CAN) - Kickboxing Connor Wood (British Columbia CAN) LOSS by 1st Round TKO

2007-10-27 - Calgary (CAN) - Modified MuayThai Darren Snell (Alberta

CAN) LOSS by 3rd Round TKO

2010-06-05 - Calgary (CAN) - Modified MuayThai Max Li (Ontario CAN) WIN by Split Decision


Note... He trained under Mike Miles but his fighting career was under Gil Lafantaisie, Trevor Smandych and finally Chris Bonde