SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE FIGHTS # 2 - November 22, 1997 (Duncan, B.C.)

This event was a mixed affair featuring amateur boxing bouts (the first half of the card) and Kickboxing bouts (the second half of the card).

Four athletes from Calgary attended but only three fought.

Carl Wilson (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. Vince Nolan (B.C.).

Wilson had just fought the week earlier and looked very tired in this bout. He appeared to be loading his blows to try and knock his opponent. In the first round a solid roundhouse to the head shook the BC native but Wilson just could not capitalize and finish the bout. As the bout progressed, Wilson looked ever more tired and at the end of the bout, a draw was announced. Wilson is hoping for a rematch as soon as possible.

Bobby Swyryda (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. Aaron Jewel (B.C.)

When Swyryda entered the ring he looked like anything but a fighter. He is tall and thin while his opponent Aaron Jewel was built solidly and wore a scowl of determination on his face. However, the BC native figured his physique would help him win the fight through intimidation but this was not to be. The Calgarian used hard and constant kicks in the first round while the BC fighter scored with some heavy punches. Swyryda was never shook by the blows. In the second the BC fighter was looking very tired and Swyryda applied more and constant pressure. Finally towards the end of the second round, the BC fighters cornermen threw in the towel.

Jason Fenton (Calgary/Mike Miles) vs. Brian Delisser (B.C.)

This bout featured a fine Muay Thai performance between two good Muay Thai athletes. This was the only Muay Thai bout on the card and thus featured the added striking weapon of the knee. Both athletes displayed excellent technique. In the first round a beautiful cut kick by Fenton sent the B.C. fighter to the canvas. In the second round a lightning quick roundhouse caught the B.C. fighter and gave Delisser an egg under the eye. In the third, Delisser applied good pressure forcing the bout on the inside with the clinch and knee. Fenton looked a little tired and moved backwards for the remainder of this round but counter punched effectively. The bout went to Fenton.

Calgary's Jason Jillain (Mike Miles) arrived on the island to fight only to find their was no competitors available for him. Disappointed, he assisted the Calgary fighters in the corner.