Reserve Judgment Championship Muay Thai - Saturday May 28th, 2005 (Sarcee Seven Chiefs Sportsplex)

The Calgary Amateur Kickboxing and MuayThai Association (CAKMA) is pleased to announce the return of Muay Thai and Kickboxing to Calgary!! After an unexpected, long layoff, Calgary will once again host an exciting evening of Muay Thai and Kickboxing action on Saturday, May 28th, 2005.

“RESERVE JUDGEMENT” will match LOCAL Calgary athletes against athletes from: Canada, USA, and Switzerland in action packed kickboxing and MuayThai rules bouts. Featuring Calgary’s own WKA World Champion Scott “Pitbull” Clark as he pursues the IKF World Championship.
Calgary is renowned for being the Muay Thai and Kickboxing hotbed of Canada and North America... please support your local athletes as they put Calgary and Canada on the Muay Thai and Kickboxing map!!!!

Bout Line Up
The main event features a contest for the vacant IKF World Lightheavyweight Muay Thai Title being battled over by athletes from Canada and Switzerland. Canada's Scott 'Pitbull' Clark trained by Ajarn Mike Miles, puts in his bid to win his second world title. He won his first WKA World Lightheavyweight Title in October 2004 with a stunning stoppage of the USA's Angel Valerio (trained by the Legendary Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez). Clark just fought in England in April and defeated the very tough and talented Damian Hood (Commonwealth Champion) by decision. Clark wants to continue this year by winning his second world title (IKF) and then fighting in Thailand for his third (IFMA World Championships, August 2005) before turning professional. But to the present, for this event his foe is Nenad Grujic from Switzerland. The Swiss athlete sports a record of 13 wins and 1 loss. Nenad is know for being a strong and very aggressive fighter. Since this bout appears that it will be fought 'tooth and nail', expect there to be a knockout in this match. Both athletes are predicting a win by KO! Both athletes see each other as being in the way to bigger and better things. Clark is setting his goals on winning two more amateur World Titles and then turning professional. "I want to be fighting in some big events and avenging the few blemishes I have on my record. I want to fight in Superleague where my fellow Canadian Clifton Brown is a star. Brown defeated me 5 years ago. I want to see what would happen now", Clark states with enthusiasm, respect, and commitment. "But first it is Grujic, then ... "

Tale of the Tape

From: Calgary, Canada
Weight: 175 lbs.
Height: 5' 10"
Record: 21 w, 3 l, 1 d
Knockouts: 14 KO's
Attribute: Technical Fighter
International Experience: Plenty
Prediction: "I will win by Knock out! He is in my way onto bigger and better things!"

From: Basel, Switzerland
Weight: 172 lbs.
Height: 6'
Record: 13 w, 1 l , 0 d
Knockouts: 6 KO's
Attribute: Aggressive Fighter
International Experience: Plenty
Prediction: "Pain for Scott! There are far better fighters in Europe than in Canada."

One and only one will have a new IKF World Title belt around their waist after the evening finale on May 28th, 2005.

The card features the following dynamite semi-main event:
Calgary's Rayelene "B.B." Kellock (WKA North American Muay Thai Champion) steps into the ring and rematches against the extremely tough, talented and durable Natalie Fuz of the USA. This will be a hard fought bout with the winner having bragging rights in this International Prestige Full Muay Thai Rules Bout (allowing punches, kicks, elbows and knees). The bout will be at147 lbs. maximum. This is seen as an important step for Kellock as the outcome of the last encounter between these two athletes was a split decision win for the Canadian athlete. Kellock sports a record of 17 wins and 4 losses and her last bout was against an American girl in New Yrok for the WKA North American Muay Thai Title. Kellock won the bout by a 3rd round stoppage of her opponent. Fuz comes off a win just a few weeks ago against another Canadian girl Kyla Richardson. Can Fuz repeat the victory over another Canadian girl? These two female athletes are primed and stoked to add this bout as a victory to their list of achievements. Fuz wants revenge while Kellock wants to prove she was the rightful winner and then prepare to move onto bigger and better things (turning professional?). Kellock has her eyes on fighting in many combative disciplines as a professional athlete, but first... Natalie Fuz is in the way.

Tale of the Tape

From: Calgary, Canada
Weight: 147 lbs.
Height: 5' 6"
Record: 17 w, 4 l, 0 d
Knockouts: 6 KO's
Attribute: Striker
International Experience: Thailand, America, England
Prediction: "I can hardly wait! I will win convincingly this time."

From: New York, NY, USA
Weight: 147 lbs.
Height: 5' 8"
Record: 13 w, 2 l , 0 d
Knockouts: 7 KO's
Attribute: Aggressive Clincher
International Experience: America, Canada, UK
Prediction: "I am going to kick butt! I will be on a roll defeating another Canadian girl, back to back!"

What will be the result of this rematch? Will Kellock prove she did win the first encounter? Will Fuz win and force a rubber match?

Jesse Miles, Nate Smandych... two names Calgary is familiar with. Two athletes following in the footsteps of family competing in sports they all love... 'Muay Thai and Kickboxing!'
On May 28th, Jesse Miles and Nate Smandych step into the ring in Calgary, Canada (Tsuu T'ina Nation) as the Calgary Amateur Kickboxing & Muay Thai Association presents 'RESERVE JUDGMENT' World Championship Muay Thai, the first Muay Thai event since October 2004. The event will be taking place at The Sarcee Seven Chiefs Sportsplex (3700 Anderson Road SW / Tsuu T'ina Nation).
Jesse Miles (Acharn Mike Miles - Calgary) and Nate Smandych (Kru Trevor Smandych - Calgary) get the opportunity to showcase their skills and achievements against dangerous competition.
Jesse Miles (Calgary) battles against Lucas McDevitt (Minneapolis, USA) in a modified Muay Thai bout. McDevitt tips the scales at 183 lbs with a fight record of 17 wins, 8 losses and 9 knockouts. Short in height like Miles, McDevitt is known for his aggressiveness and power style of punching. Miles tips the scales at 180 lbs. with a fight record of 10 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw with 5 knockouts. Miles had a very successful 2004 winning the IKF North American Muay Thai Title in Orlando, and then winning a Silver Medal in the 2004 IFMA World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand in November. The bout for the gold medal against a Spanish athlete featured the followingoutcome: Two judges gave the fight to Miles while the other three judges called the bout a draw. The bout was then surprisingly awarded to the Spanish athlete.
This outcome has only served to focus Miles even more. Miles is primed to win this bout and then prepare for the Team Canada Trials for the 2005 IFMA World Championships. McDevitt has different plans for Miles. Expect a war from start to finish.

Nate Smandych (Calgary) battles against Fawz Amin (Vancouver) in a Kickboxing rules (low kick) bout. Smandych, a very exciting technician following in the footsteps of his famous brother Trevor 'T.N.T.' weighs in at 135 lbs. with a fight record of 4 wins and 5 losses with 2 KO's. Amin is an athlete who demonstrates strong punching skills and evasive movement knows he has everything it takes to win and make this a very exciting bout. Also weighing in at 135 lbs. and sporting a record of 4 wins, 1 loss with 1 KO, Amin predicts a quick win. Smandych just won the WKA North American Lightweight Muay Thai Title in New York in February of this year and is just coming off of an impressive win against the highly touted athlete Adam Bambrick in April. There is a famous old saying that "styles make fights", and it could never be truer than with this bout.

Be there and do not risk missing some great international Muay Thai bouts.
Tickets are available at the Mike Miles National Kickboxing or by calling (403) 244-8424.
This event WILL be totally sold out!

***This event is brought to you by the executive and membership of the Calgary Amateur Kickboxing and MuayThai Association (CAKMA) a registered not for profit association***