Our trainers are all world-class professionals; ranging from K-1, Glory Kickboxing, to even UFC fighters. Whether you are coming for a great workout, or looking to competitively fight, there is no better place to develop your skills and reach your goals. 


Ajarn Yai Mike Miles

Ajarn Yai Mike Miles is a world respected pioneer of the MuayThai movement in Canada, and has a lifetime of experience in Martial Arts, as a student, in competition on the professional level, and as a teacher.  As a competitor he quickly achieved a top 10 world ranking and has won many titles in his career including 4 professional world titles. He has mentored and coached almost 40 world champions and continues to do so. READ MORE


Ajarn Jason Jillain

Over 27 years ago at a young age Jason took up Martial Arts to build confidence and learn self defense. Jason considers himself a purist and is a stickler for mechanics, technique, and a strong foundation of the basic essentials. Jason not only achieved his black belt in Taekwondo by 18, but he also holds a 5th degree instructors level in Muay Thai and carries the honorable title of Ajarn as well. READ MORE


Khru Yai Mike Zientek

30 years ago Kru Mike was intrigued by kickboxing and decided to check out Mike Miles' gym back in the early days. Having had many ventures along the way, Kru Mike finds himself now teaching for his teacher. He's inspired by students who have the hunger to learn the sport. Kru Mike holds his a 4th degree instructors level in Muay Thai. Now he finds himself giving back to the sport by way of officiating and teaching. READ MORE


Khru Hakeem Dawodu

Hakeem turned troubled teenage times into a mass of talent in the ring. He rose up through the ranks as an amateur and now has made his dream into a career and fights at a professional level in the UFC. He has been working under Ajarn Mike Miles for many years earning over 4 world titles in Muay Thai and is also an undefeated professional fighter in Muay Thai. READ MORE 


Khru Yai Kevin McEachern

Long story short Kevin fell in love with Muay Thai almost 25 years ago and has never looked back. Watching his students on their continuing journey as dedicated Muay Thai practitioners inspires him daily. Wanting to stay fit life long motivates Kevin and continually works to sharpen his Muay Thai skills. He has real respect and passion for the sport and will train for as long as his body will allow. READ MORE


Irene Miles

Irene has always been into fitness and soon came to realize her brother (Mike) was one of her biggest idols and decided to follow his path. She has now been in the industry with an impressive 30 years experience, and is a pioneer of cardio kickboxing in Calgary. She also draws great inspiration by overcoming whatever life throws her way and surviving those huge obstacles. A big motivation for Irene is to keep healthy and lead by example in a very active lifestyle.  READ MORE


Khru Eric Hussey

Back in 2006 Eric went to the old Mike Miles' downtown location to feed his curiosity in Martial Arts and combat sports. He hasn't left since. His teaching style is very influenced by Ajarn Mike Miles and Kru Yai Scott Clark. He likes to use a variety of techniques and never stops attempting to perfect the basics. His desire to get better with every passing day is a big motivation to continue to learn and improve his Muay Thai skills. READ MORE


Khru Adam Kolozetti

Gritty. The ultimate way to describe Adam's training style. He takes being a teacher a privilege and honor. His theory is if he's having fun then the class is having fun and he loves mixing new techniques with some old tricks he has collected over the years. As a competitive hockey and soccer player, he struggled with retaliatory penalties. As a way to develop discipline and focus he enrolled in private lessons with his dad. Muay Thai as taught him physical, mental, and emotional control. READ MORE