SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE FIGHTS 3 (Duncan) - March 14th, 1998

British Columbia WKA Representative Rick Atkinson hosted another successful Kickboxing and boxing event in Duncan, B.C. Seven Kickboxing bouts and six boxing bouts rounded out the competition's lineup. Approximately three hundred spectators attended the event.

Atkinson was very frustrated by the fact that in days leading up to the event (and even during the day of the event) athletes pulled out at the last moment leaving the promoter scrambling to keep the event together. The bouts were of good quality and featured some very good established athletes as well as up and coming athletes.

The main event featured Andrew Jorgensen (Victoria) battling against Mark Woolnough (Parksville) for the WKA Western Canadian Welterweight Kickboxing Title. Set for five rounds, it only lasted two. In the opening round both athletes came out very fast and looked very good but approximately 30 seconds into the round, the pace fell back considerably. Both athletes looked good with their hand techniques and keeping this in mind, crouched like boxers with their hands held under their chins (not viewed as ideal when Kickboxing). A few cut kicks from both athletes to the inside of the thighs did stray low but neither athlete had any intentions of fouling the other and both acknowledged this. Towards the end of the first round Jorgensen landed a nice right leg round kick to the neck of Woolnough, but it had no effect. Jorgensen (and Woolnough) looked very tired at the end of the first round, thus ensuring the kick had no "steam" on it. In the second round, both athletes came out hot and heavy again and while Woolnough was retreating backwards, he held his hands low and Jorgensen delivered a right roundhouse kick flush to the face of Woolnough and put him down and out to win the title. Both athletes looked good and have promising futures in the sport.

Calgary athlete and WKA World Champion Kerry Dell (Mike Miles) stepped into the ring after just having won the Golden Gloves a few weeks earlier. His opponent was Adam Hay (Parksville) who came and was ready to scrap the Calgarian. The bout see-sawed back and forth with Dell just winning by a very close margin. Hay's punching was his strong point during this bout. Dell on the other hand was single shooting all night and not following up on any of his successful blows. Dell's tactics and strategy was more successful in the second and the third round but Dell still looked frustrated because the Calgarian was very unsuccessful in scoring and following up.

Calgary's Cayne Madoche (Mike Miles) stepped into the ring with Duncan, B.C. athlete Dave Rannala. Rannala was obviously the stronger of the two athletes but also had a significant weight advantage. Madoche came into the fight as a lightheavyweight even though the bout had been agreed upon under the superlightheavyweight division. Rannala's weight was in the low end of the cruiserweight division. Rannala was too strong for the Calgarian, who though not outclassed did not have the strength to force his larger opponent away. A right hand at the end of the third dropped Madoche who though getting up to finish the bout was not allowed to by the referee. A good win for Rannala, though he does need to meet someone of his own physical stature.

Calgary's Nick Ring (Mike Miles) had travelled to fight against Victoria athlete Paul Beaulieau. The afternoon of the fight, Beaulieau made it known he would not be able to attend the event leaving Ring disappointed. Promoter Atkinson then tried to arrange a secondary bout between Ring and Vancouver's Greg "The Axe" Harrison. Harrison who was itching for a bout a few days earlier but turned down this bout for unknown reasons.

The remaining undercard featured the following results:
Ryan Coulter (Duncan) defeated Neil Schuler (Parksville) by unanimous decision.
Stella Begic (Victoria) defeated Nicole Gill (Vancouver) in a Full Contact Karate bout.
Dave Nichols (Ontario) defeated Tim Rittaler (Parksville) by unanimous decision also in a Full Contact Karate bout.